Puentes de Esperanza



Imagine waking up tomorrow in a world where no one knew you, no one could understand you and you could not ask anyone for help. At the same time, your family is depending on you to put food on the table, a roof over their heads and be there for them. How would you respond? Where would you go?

The family is the most important aspect of our lives but the fear of something as simple as asking a question and getting an answer from an understanding voice can get in the way of establishing a home. The fear of deportation or not filling out the correct registration, raises concerns, increases pressure and can lead to substance abuse, domestic conflicts and depression.

Puentes is embedded in the community. The staff lives in the community, speaks the language and can see the need for the wide array of services that are essential in this time of uncertainty for the immigrant population of our country.

Puentes de Esperanza was incorporated in 1999 as a shared ministry of Hoyleton Youth and Family Services (HYFS) and the Illinois South Conference of the United Church of Christ to serve the growing needs of the Latino population in southern Illinois. Both organizations recognized a compelling need unfolding to help friends and neighbors in the Latino community bridge the gap to accessing needed services. Today Puentes not only provides interpretation, but helps individuals identify and find the resources needed to support family members in a bilingual setting. Puentes provides education programs for women’s health, powers of attorney, pregnancy prevention and the threat of human trafficking. Through it’s dedicated and understanding staff, Puentes organizes support groups and provides mental health services in a bilingual setting.


How we help

Community Outreach
Provides a wide range of services that are designed to assist the Latino population overcome the barriers that prevent them from receiving needed services.

Latino Special Services
Provides interpretation and translation to the Latino population for DCFS staff during reported abuse or neglect investigations and offers other services to the involved parents such as parenting education, resource linkage and child well-being monitoring.

Bi-Lingual Counseling
Our bi-lingual counselor provides individual, group, family and couples therapy.

Fairmont City Welcome Center
Implements a one-stop human services center approach to assists individuals in accessing services that are often difficult due to language and cultural barriers. Partnerships with other agencies are utilized to bring services to the individuals and families. Workshops provide education on various topics to educate the community.

Immigrant Family Resource Program
Assists the community in accessing SNAP and Medicaid benefits as well as other public benefits – TANF, SSI, Child Care, Child Support, etc. Provides interpretation at state facilities to ease the process of enrollment.-one appointments.


Learn more

You can visit us at 8 Executive Drive, Suite 200, Fairview Heights, Illinois 62208, give us a call at 618.688.4727, or email Kristen Shinn at kshinn@hoyleton.org

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